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Welcome to The Mico University College Guidance Counselling Services! A place for Mental Empowerment and Developmental Support. Making it through our doors is not an easy step for many persons. Engaging in counselling takes a lot of courage and provides you with the opportunity to discover much about yourself. This experience will be the first for many individuals and we believe it is important to be clear and transparent about what counselling is and what Guidance and Counselling looks like at The Mico University College.

The Mico University Guidance and Counselling Unit serve to enhance the holistic wellbeing of its constituents’. This is done by offering a wide range of services that include individual and group counselling, consultation, psychoeducation, personal, professional, preventative and interventive support.

The Mico University Guidance and Counselling Unit strive to create and maintain an environment that is warm, engaging and dynamic in its approaches to provide treatment and care of mental health issues and in supporting the psychosocial growth and development of its community.

We believe that the counselling Unit is an important part of the larger university community, and as such, should attend to both relevant systemic and individual needs – both through identifying and either treating or providing referral services for a spectrum of mental health issues.


Make an appointment to see the Counsellor

For your first appointment, you are required to fill out the client Informed Consent and Intake Forms .

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