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An Introduction

Counselling is a voluntary process whereby the client is willing to work towards change. Counselling can be done individually as well as in groups. Counselling services are available to both Mico Staff and Students.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling gives you the opportunity to talk to a counsellor on a one-to-one basis to explore, understand and work through personal concerns.

Group Counselling

Group counselling gives you the opportunity to participate with a small group of individuals who share similar concerns. In group counselling, individuals learn and grow through interaction and provide a support system to members of the group.

Next Steps

How Do I Begin?

To make your initial counselling appointment you will need to fill out both the informed consent and intake forms. Initial appointments last approximately 60 minutes.

Click “STEP 1” to fill out the Informed Consent Form. 

You may also download and manually fill out both forms:

Informed Consent Form

Please read through each section of this form carefully. If you agree with the terms laid out, please sign (touch screen, mouse, or stylus) and submit to indicate your consent.


Intake Form

To best serve you, we need information about you. Any and all information shared will be held in the strictest of confidence. Please complete all applicable sections, sign and submit.


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