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Peer Support

What is it?

Peer support providers are students in the Master of Science in Counselling and Social Work program trained to provide support for other students. They do this by giving students an opportunity to talk about personal, social and educational issues.

The peer counsellors also facilitate at weekly club meetings and monthly panel presentations. Students can expect the panel to address topical issues and problems affecting young adults – especially regarding their mental health.

Next Steps

How To Take Part

Positions in the Peer Support programme are opened every two years for students of the Masters in Counselling and Social Work programme.

A small committee from those who apply is selected and they will facilitate a Peer Support Club for students registered in all undergrad programmes of the university.

Applications Are Currently Closed

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting applications for the Peer Support programme. Please look out for an email from the Counselling service indicating when applications will reopen.

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